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Conservatives are not our friends. They may vote for a Democrat in an election if someone like Trump is a candidate, but they plan to go right on being Conservatives forever. A party that chooses to be progressive will probably always face some checks on the programs they design. Some programs may need to percolate a bit longer to sort out possible flaws, and careful thought must be given to costs and implementations. Some ideas intended to help Americans may be “pies in the sky” – secondary priorities that don’t suit the moment or that are impractical to run. Conservatives, though, don’t want any of it. Robert Reich sends out notes frosm his group “Inequality Media Civic Action” to ask for donations. However, each note contains interesting ways to express things we already know but may not have stated to ourselves in quite the same way. The thought of 10.26.2021 is this, “Today’s Republican Party, while still claiming to stand for limited government, stands for government intrusion everywhere.” 

Republicans can still argue for “limited government” while they fill courts with conservative judges and attempt to overturn Roe v Wade and gender equality laws because they have turned red states into proxies who act on behalf of the party. Most of the intrusive laws are coming out of the states. With the courts stuffed, outrageous laws, laws that challenge the Constitution, are passed in the states and allowed to stand. Voting rights laws that rob citizens of voting rights go unchallenged, or the court does not prioritize them on their calendar. One court overturns them and then another court reinstates them. Anti-abortion laws that are intended to skirt Roe v Wade, and which are now so bold as to nullify Roe v Wade, are passed and the court says nothing, then puts it on the calendar for November, but offers no great or small comfort as to the outcome.

Heather Cox Richardson is finding out current examples of many things previously revealed about Republicans and conservatives, things we have seen manifested for over a decade in extreme ways, and  before that, without the fringe nastiness, since Nixon, or certainly since Reagan, as we all struggled to insure that ‘regular order’ could be maintained. 

In her newsletter of Oct. 23, 2021, she spoke about the exposure by federal prosecutors of “The Shadow Exchange,” a money laundering operation between the US and the UAE. On 24 October she summed up the article in the Rolling Stone listing those Republican Congressional representatives and senators and Republican supporters present at the meeting in the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC on the eve of January 6. Rolling Stone named names, easily recognizable names. On October 25 she talked about how Trump ended projects in the Northern Triangle, (El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras), as he ranted about immigrants at the Southern border. And she keyed into the Christian movement in politics by the CNP (Council on National Policy) registered as a nonprofit but “essentially a planning center for right-wing activists across the country.” 

These crimes and misdemeanors and outright seditious behaviors are things many have discussed in recent years. The Koch web was exposed at least a decade ago and Ann Nelson published her book about the illegal activities of the church in her book called The Shadow Network.  The movie The Family on Netflix explored early activities of the church in concert with Republicans in Washington, DC, which seemed quite innocent at the time. These are things that we have known right-wing conservatives have been up to for many years and even conservatives who would not go for Trump did not perceive these practices as dangerous. They were protecting American morality. Apparently, that is pretty “shadowy” work. 

It is unclear how Richardson can afford to get behind all the paywalls she has to breach to research her articles, but there cannot be too many voices calling attention to the crimes of Republicans. Join the chorus. All of us have the same goals – elect more Democrats in 2022, do not reelect Trump in 2024, and find ways to counter these strategies used by Republicans now that we understand how they operate. We may be too late.

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