Council for National Policy

From The Washington Post Magazine

Finally, the mainstream media covers the machinations of Conservative Christians. Anne Nelson wrote about this in her book, Shadow Network: Media, Money, and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right, published in October of 2019. This came up in the Obama administration when the IRS accused religious nonprofits with 501(c3) and 501(4) tax exemptions of conducting political operations that undercut their nonprofit status. The Republicans went nuts and accused the IRS of partisanship and discrimination. They got away with their pretend shock because the IRS did use certain key words to identify these groups. However, if you were following the collusion between the Koch network of conservative organizations and the Christian conservative groups, Venn diagrams revealed the overlapping memberships of these organizations. 

The article in The Washington Post Magazine names names, and also shows how Christian conservatives, at first appalled by Trump, came to rationalize full-throated backing for this highly unlikely candidate. 

The idea that the church and conservatives encouraged some kind of brain meld that allowed them to plan and design ways for Republicans to win and keep winning is chilling. However, it also explains how we got to where we are right now, practically in a second civil war. 

Obviously, the founders’ vision of the separation of church and state was defied and ignored. Christian leaders were not promised a theocracy, but they were promised friendly judges and the overturn of Roe v Wade and considering the overlapping interests of conservatives and Christian conservatives (white Christian conservatives) the resulting government, should their plan work, would be virtually a theocracy whether so named or not. 

Is it legal to do what these groups have done? It certainly gave them a political advantage, selling Republicans from the nation’s pulpits; it certainly broke tax laws, but is it illegal? Well, it seems, hardly anything is these days. (Al Capone was brought down by tax laws.) Is what these groups have done unconstitutional? They must think that it could be because they are trying to collect enough states to hold a new Constitutional Convention. (They have met that goal, but not all the states have agreed to the convention idea.)

They rationalize making America a Christian nation because the original founders were only worried about the bad blood between warring Christian sects and the interference of kings in the business of religion. The founders were not talking about freedom for non-Christian religions, these groups claim. However, religion brings a fervor to government which does not marry well with democracy. Religious states are generally authoritarian. This Christian conservative movement is at the heart of our current conflicts but will simple exposure to the light of day defuse its power and interrupt the careful planning of fanatics. It may be too late. Hope this article is not behind the pay wall.

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