Roving Reporter-Bills and Yachts

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Brissioni here, reporter for talking to the billionaire on the street and it will be a man because there are very few women who are billionaires and they tend to stay off the street. In fact, it took a bit of stalking (nothing too outrageous) to find even a male billionaire on the street, but I was relentless in my pursuits.

My question was simple: “What did you do with the money you saved on taxes when Trump and the Republicans passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (heavy on tax cuts, light on jobs, but I didn’t say this out loud, it’s just between you and me).

One bald billionaire said that he built a rocket to take paying customers into space, which did give some jobs to highly educated people who could have had a job anywhere. He bought back stock in his companies. He bought two yachts.

Brissioni: “Why two?”

Bald Billionaire: One for each coast of course.

Brissioni: “What about the Panama Canal?”

Bald Billionaire: “Too slow.”

I spotted another billionaire with a healthy head of brown hair.

Brissioni: “What did you do with the money you saved with the tax cuts?”

Hairy Billionaire: “Well, I sent a convertible into space with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” song on a loop. I am producing electric cars that will cost big bucks and may or may not be safe on the road. I built a space rocket to take paying customers into space. I moved my company to Texas because I think Greg Abbott is bossy and a true patriot. I like someone who is good at being bossy and I too am a patriot. I also bought three yachts.”

Brissioni: “Why did you buy three yachts?”

Hairy Billionaire: “One for California, one to shuttle between Miami and Galveston, and one for the Mediterranean to visit delightful islands, hang out with other billionaires and party. As you probably know, work/life balance is important. Also, the beaches seem to be experiencing frequent flooding, but this is not a problem with a yacht.


Brissioni here again: I am about to interview regular citizens who are not billionaires, or even millionaires about what they will do with all the goodies they get when the Build Back Better Bill passes. 

First, I talked to my niece who has three school age children, junior high and below. I asked her and her husband what they will do with all that child credit money they will receive in the first year if the bill passes. 

My 35 years old, tatted up niece, mother, cook, taxi driver for 3 children, grocery shopper, phlebotomist: “We live with my mom and her house is too small for all of us. We have been saving to buy a bigger house, but we also will repair some bad credit. Some money will go into the housing fund, some will go for household expenses, clothing. We will take a few quick trips and go out to dinner more often, spend money on just living. My husband is very smart, a computer guy, and he just got a new job which is finally what he always wanted to do, but he has to go to NYC once a month, so he needs a good car.”

Brissioni: “Will you buy a yacht?”

Tatted Niece, mother of three: “Are you crazy? No, we won’t be buying a yacht. We’ll just be doing a bit better than scraping along for a change.”

Brissioni: “Will you or your husband be giving up your job with all that money rolling in.?”

Tatted Niece: “No, we will not be leaving our jobs. And I sort of resent these questions. It’s a good thing you’re my aunt.”

Later, on my travels along the local streets, I spotted a mom out for a walk pushing a stroller and holding the hand of a toddler. She agreed to answer a few questions.

Brissioni: “Have you heard about the Build Back Better Bill which will give you free childcare and free pre-K for your children?”

Young mother: “No I didn’t know that was happening. It sounds like something that would really help me and my family. We can’t afford childcare or pre-K. We have free pre-K at age four, but not at age three. That would be great. I could maybe work part time and help my husband with our finances.”

Brissioni: “Will you be buying a yacht.”

Young mother: “Ha, ha, no I will not be buying a yacht. I suspect I won’t be handed any actual money because the government might feel that I won’t use the money for the right things. These are just services. The only thing I would get is some free time.”

Down the way was a young Black man with a backpack full of books. I approached him and asked if I could interview him. He said that he was on his way to class, but I could walk along. 

Brissioni: “How did you feel when you heard that they left free community college out of the Build Back Better Bill?”

Young Black man: “I was sort of hopeful at first because it would have helped to avoid piling up college loans in my first two years of college, but I knew that there were not enough votes and that many people in Congress believe that “free” is a bad word, that it ruins morals and ruins economies. If something is free no one will value it, and the government will just be throwing money away. We don’t give things away in America, people are required to work for what they get. I was not surprised to hear that free community college was eliminated from the bill.”

Brissioni: “If you did get that money, would you be tempted to buy a yacht?”

Young Black Man: “Are you for real. What money, all I would ever see is a voucher, or just a ‘go to school for free pass’? Good day Miss, let me get on with my day.”

Brissioni, undeterred because you must be intrepid to do this kind of thing, rushed to catch up with an elderly couple headed towards the park for their daily walk. 

Brissioni, walks next to the couple, and asks if she can get them to answer a few questions. They indicate that it is fine with them.

Brissioni: “Have your heard that your Medicare coverage will go up if the Build Back Better Bill passes in Congress.?

Old woman: “Speak up, dear.”

Brissioni repeats her question at greater volume.

Old man, looks at his wife, takes her hand, and tips his head to indicate that he’s got this: “As you can see my wife needs new hearing aids but they are very expensive so we can’t afford to get a new pair right now. It really limits her ability to interact with the world around her. She can’t enjoy TV, she loves to visit with her greats (great grandchildren) but she misses the sweet things they say. This new plan offers help with hearing aids, dental care, and vision. When we need help with home care we would be covered if this bill passes, care providers would be paid better wages and more reliable people might enter the profession. Some caregivers take advantage of seniors, but most are good hard-working people. This is a good bill, and we are hoping it passes soon.”

Brissioni: “Would you and your wife skip the hearing aids and caregivers and buy a yacht.”

Old Man: (chuckles and rolls his eyes at his wife) “Nope we wouldn’t be buying any yachts.”

Some teens were passing by and heard that we were discussing the Build Back Better Bill and they indicated that they had some things to say.

Brissioni: “OK, what would you all like to say.”

Teen speaks: “This bill sets aside funding for fighting climate change and global warming. Think about the world you are leaving us. We are very worried. Pass this bill. This is for your blog you said. Do you have a lot of followers? Are you on Tik Tok or Instagram? I hope this goes viral.

Brissioni: “Well that would be nice, no guarantees though. One more question. Do you think that buying everyone yachts might be the best way to solve climate change?”

Teens: Lady, you extra!

So ends my attempt to get the low down on how Americans feel about the Build Back Better Bill…and yachts.

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