Who Will End Obstructionism?

I will fight for Hillary Clinton right to the end, whenever
that is. I do think women can do as well in the Presidency as men have done. I
am tired of women being expected to wait until some perfect moment which of
course will never arrive. There are no perfect moments. Even Obama’s seemingly
perfect moment was ruined by racism and obstruction. If we get Bernie I will be
fine with that but I have to stay in the fight.
The only question that bugs me is which of these two will be
able to bring back regular order to Congress, to send the “teabaggers” packing
and the Evangelicals out to do good works?
The Conservatives hate Hillary possibly even more than they
loathed the idea of an Obama Presidency. Their hate has become rabid and
personal. Will we have four to eight more years of obstruction and hate speech,
this time against women? Will they just vote over and over to impeach her? There
could be 60+ more votes against the ACA. How many more votes will there be to
defund Planned Parenthood? More of this will not be good for America. It will
not be good for the world, although perhaps it is emotional baggage we must
sort through. Does Hillary have a plan to change things just in case we don’t
win some seats back in the Senate?
Can Bernie defuse and render harmless the Conservative push to
pursue every policy that would be harmful to America? He certainly understands
what is harmful about the right wing agenda and he will hold the line against
any progress toward the Conservative way. But will he also be unable to breach
the obstructive moves of a party that owns 3o state governments, both houses of
Congress and the courts? Will it help that he pushes Republican buttons by
pursuing policies that are far outside their ken? Will he blow them up to
smithereens when he moves to break up the banks and rein in Wall Street? Will
revolutionary zeal be better than the strategies of someone who knows everyone
and knows her way around the politics of DC? Or will there just be two
revolutionary groups in a war of words?
Is there any candidate the Democrats could have put forth who
could “treat with” today’s GOP? If a Democrat wins the Presidency and the
obstruction continues will the people finally get involved? Will we the people
insist that it is not OK to go to Congress if it is your intention to hold the
American government hostage until it does what Republicans want?
It is troubling that we cannot see into the future and know
who would be able to make headway in America right now against the misguided
and unenlightened mess that is today’s GOP. We can, though, and we should
certainly contribute to the movements by the Democrats to change as many seats
in Congress as possible in 2016. Emily’s List tries to get Democratic women
elected. If you contribute to the DNC the dollars get spread around. Even
Hillary donates some of her dollars to down ballot elections and Bernie is
talking about doing that.
The people’s dollars are stretched thin by all the
causes that need our contributions to fight for right, but at this moment
winning the election must be a top priority. You don’t have to contribute much
because small donations grow very big when millions of people contribute, and
there are often richer donors who match or multiply small donations. Think of
it as creating a war chest in case we need it.
By Nancy Brisson

Bernie Sanders Unfair anti-HIllary Tactics

Bernie Sanders is playing a tricky and dishonest
game in his recent political rallies. He is asking Hillary Clinton to run her
campaign according to his rules. Bernie is a “revolutionary”. He’s deliberately
changing the topography of campaigning without the benefit of any changes in
the actual rules of the Democratic Party. He is staging a revolution before he
even wins the election.
Mr. Sanders doesn’t like campaign financing as it
currently operates. He’s not alone. Many of us want less money in politics;
more “we the people” in politics. And he does get kudos for sticking with his
principles. What does not seem fair is to ask Hillary Clinton, who came up
through the ranks and learned campaign fundraising from the “big boys” that
Bill Clinton hung out with, to decide to throw out all that she knows about
campaigning. It is unfair to indict Hillary for not following Bernie’s rules
when he is the only person in modern politics who ever has done all grassroots
fundraising. Bernie, we have not had the revolution yet!
Come the revolution, Bernie believes, super
delegates shall be banished. Here’s another Bernie rule that Hillary is being chastised
for breaking. I understand that putting super delegates between the candidate
and the popular vote is elitist. I am all for less elitism in politics. But
super delegates have not been outlawed, they are actually part of the Democratic
Party primary process. In fact, winning super delegates is still “state of the art”
in Democratic primary voting.
Now Bernie is trying to steal Hillary’s super
delegates, to turn them “Bernie side up”. Since Bernie discovered he could not
win without super delegates he has decided (too late?) to play the Super Delegate
Game. Bernie – Mr. Sanders – the revolution did not happen yet. Hillary Clinton
does not have to play by your rules. If you become President you can work to
change the election process. Meanwhile, you are sounding quite like a
curmudgeon. Cut it out. I assume you knew what the process was like when you
entered the race.
The point you seem to be trying to make is the one
that paints Hillary Clinton as the “establishment” and you as the “anti-establishment”.
She has never been elected to the Congress as anyone who planned to start a
revolution and the times certainly have not been amenable to the kinds of
changes that Bernie Sanders has wanted to bring to American governance.
We are just entering a time when some Americans are,
perhaps, willing to make actual changes to the role money plays in
government and in elections. The times do seem somewhat conducive to legislating
a truer Democracy in our nation.
But there are just as many signs that people who
want to hang on to the traditional politics of elitism and the powerful impact
of money are as dug in as those who want change and they are much more numerous
and better organized than those on Bernie’s side.
You may all fault Hillary Clinton for moving to the
left, but Hillary has shown that she has a sensitivity to the political climate
of different eras and Progressive ideas may be having their moment, so it totally makes
sense that Hillary would move to meet the current needs of the American people.
She is a politician, not an ideologue. Bernie is an ideologue, not a
By Nancy Brisson

If You Are Not in the Game, Get Out of the Way

There is only one entrance to the field of play. It
is a narrow opening in a board-and-glass wall. On the field inside the wall,
there is a lop-sided version of the game being played badly by two unequal
teams. The additional players needed on the field want to help their teammates
but the other team is blocking the opening. They have been blocking for a long
time – game after game. The team that won the toss is not able to put their
game plan into action. The game has never been stalled in quite this way before.
This is a symbolic game.

However what happens in the real game affects real
people in an entire nation, in fact in the whole world. And yet the entrance to
this game which we call government has been blocked for almost eight years. The
team that is supposed to be receiving has bent the rules. They have cheated to
get such a lop-sided game. They plan to stop the game until they win the toss
and control the action once again.
Sound familiar? This is what the Republican Party
has been doing. The first two years of Obama’s first term were mainly spent
cleaning up Bush’s economic mess. The GOP’s strategies in the media (Talk
Radio, Fox) and their shenanigans in the states with redistricting and ALEC
allowed them to control the House.

Between 2010 and 2012 Republicans blocked
Obama and, for all practical purposes brought our government to a standstill.
They turned a strategy invented by Dennis Hastert into a rule in order to block
legislation in the House and they used the filibuster to block bills in the
Senate. In 2012 their gerrymandering, their propaganda, their billionaires, and
their control over state governments allowed them to gain a majority in both
the House and the Senate. 

Federal judges were overwhelmingly Conservative and
this Conservative Congress blocked most Liberal court nominations. The Supreme
Court was a bit less skewed, but still tended towards the right. 

The fact that a party can skew the courts on purpose
was known, but never used in such a bold fashion. This ability to stop
government in order to keep your party in power forever is a terrible loophole
in our Constitution, exploited by the very party that vows undying love for the
Constitution as written. If we can’t find some way to fix this loophole and
keep such a sneaky coup from happening then our government, as we know it, may
dissolve. The GOP has hollowed out the US Constitution.
I don’t want us to forget this as we head into this
election. We never experienced the full measure of Obama’s agenda. We will
never know what would have happened to the American economy if Obama got to
carry out his policies. Republicans kept American from being able to test out
the approaches that Democrats wanted to use to engender growth. What if we had
said yes to a bit of liberal spending instead of the GOP’s hypocritical
austerity (after all the GOP crashed the economy to begin with)? We have
experienced the most hobbled version of Obama’s agenda imaginable.
The GOP used up Obama’s time and our tax dollars
voting to overturn the Affordable Care Act over 60 times, voting to defund
Planned Parenthood again and again (which is not even possible without getting
rid of Medicaid), taking food stamps away from poor people, and shutting down
the government. They would not allow infrastructure spending, they invited
Netanyahu to address Congress (Obama was not welcome), 47 senators signed a
letter to the leaders of Iran in an attempt to undermine Obama’s hard-fought
Please remember these things when you go to the
polls in November. We got to look at Obama’s nice face, but we hardly saw any
of his policies put into effect. For eight years we have been following the
Republican agenda. We don’t need to elect them to see what their America will
be like. I think we would be feeling more prosperous if they had not blocked
Obama and the left and I think we need to have a do-over without the
Turn the Senate around, elect another Democratic
President and actually let the left lead for at least the next four years and I
believe that you will see America return to good fiscal health and remain, for
the most part, at peace with a chaotic and changing world. If you believe that
the past eight years represent the outcomes of a liberal agenda, widely applied
as policy, then you are misguided and you have been misled on purpose. Stop
watching Fox News.
By Nancy Brisson