Presidential Games

Obama played chess

Trump plays poker (and real estate broker, and mafia boss)

Presidential Games: Trumps Rules


From poker:

  1. Hold your cards close to your chest.
  2. Bluff, bluff, bluff
  3. Use facial expressions that offer no content and change them often

From real estate:

  2. Be prepared to look like you will walk away from the table/ deal (works in poker too)
  3. Gin up competition and don’t be afraid to fake it if there is none

From the mafia

  1. Use threats if all else fails and look like someone who knows people who can back up those threats
  2. Poor people are losers so it’s OK to lie to them, cheat them, and steal from them, in fact most people who aren’t me are losers so this gives me a license to cheat anyone
  3. Pout if people don’t like you; then get even

I’m sure this is hardly an exhaustive list of Trump’s leadership rules. Feel free to add your own. I suppose some of these traits could be positive in certain situations.