Trump “Punches” Women

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Trump is a counterpuncher. He is proud of this and he warns us about his vengeful nature all of the time. Gender doesn’t matter. Trump counterpunches women also. Because Nancy Pelosi landed several punches to the Trump ego she has attracted the schoolyard ire of the Trump. What did she do to deserve being punched? Well she mentioned the “I” word, which, we surmise, must stand for impeachment. She said he (He) was engaged in a “cover up”. Then she said she would pray for the president implying that he has difficulties that require our prayerful attentions. And furthermore she told Donald’s family that they needed to organize an intervention, presumably to address the mental health of the president.

These were fairly audacious remarks perhaps designed to provoke someone with Trump’s narcissistic personality characteristics. And they worked. He may have had all his people claim that he was very calm (a ridiculous strategy that could only look creepy) but his state of mind seemed more like a volcano close to blowing its top off. When Trump is steamed at one person, he retaliates. 

If that person is a woman he acts a lot like Phillip Stucky in Pretty Woman when Vivian forgets she’s a prostitute and lets Stucky know she finds him disgusting. 

Address stored on video and can be retrieved

He punches, he endorses doctored videos that make Nancy Pelosi look drunk or perhaps mid-stroke and he says she is not the same, something is wrong (just like he did when he attacked Hillary by implying that she had a dire terminal disease that would affect her mental capacities). Demonizing women has become almost a full-time tactic for Republicans and Trump is the penultimate Republican (who would have thought).

Although Nancy Pelosi’s comments to the press were less than smoothly delivered the fake videos exaggerate those flaws to make them look ominous and to crush any power she might have to sway public opinion. Facebook has declined to remove these videos because of free speech concerns so we will see how gullible Americans actually are or how far they are immersed in the cult of Trump.

If Nancy Pelosi persists, as we know Democratic women do, will Trump be unable to hold on to the appearance of keeping his temper? Will steam start to come out of his ears? Too bad cartoon effects don’t actually occur in real life. Will his temper tantrum come with redder face (is that possible) and balled fists and rising to his tippy toes? Will the memes of internet trolling coming from Trump staff and cult members escalate to ever greater heights of hyperbolic dishonesty? Or does a tiny grandmother know exactly the ways to sideline an unruly child?   

Mind Games

mind games Odyssey

What I really hate about lies is what they assume about our minds. Republicans are playing mind games. Republicans are trying to tell us they did the opposite of what they actually have done. They insist that we all have some kind of collective amnesia and we don’t recall how they voted or how they have treated many of their constituents. Trump insists that Democrats are responsible for things Republicans did or would like to do. We are the ones inciting violence, we are the ones paying immigrants to walk, 7,000 strong, to the border between Mexico and the US. Democrats are the ones who want to get rid of insurance that covers preexisting conditions and Medicare. Democrats are responsible for the deficit. Democrats are to blame for violent riots in California because of sanctuary cities. Wow, we are really terrible people. Except none of this is true. It is just people using Trumpian double speak to make us crazy.

Which anti-fact do we combat first? Which misdirection will hurt us the worst in the midterms? Will any of this psychobabble change any outcomes in the midterms? How many Americans believe this mumbo-jumbo? Why do I constantly feel like gnats are buzzing around my head? Isn’t it already too late to change anyone’s mind about their vote in the midterms, unless you have a bully pulpit as big as the one Trump has?

I know that there are records about this stuff, news stories, videos, interviews, panel discussions, but it has been made clear that records can be changed, edited, photoshopped, like those photos of Trump’s election crowds. This president uses mind games against his own citizens. Two more years of this sounds endless, six sounds impossible. When we look back on this 4 years or this 8 years, if we survive this Trump administration as the intact American Republic, I think that these years will seem like a big old black hole in space.

So I will reiterate one more time the reasons that we need to vote for Democrats besides the ones where we save our sanity and save Democracy at the same time. I found this meme on Facebook. It is not mine but it sums up policy differences between Democrats and Republicans in a very concise way. I tried to trace it back to where it originated because I suspect it was captured and pasted to Facebook, but I could not find the correct attribution.

fb chart key issues dems v gop

Photo Credits: Odyssey from a Google Image Search, meme shared on FB