Mind Games

mind games Odyssey

What I really hate about lies is what they assume about our minds. Republicans are playing mind games. Republicans are trying to tell us they did the opposite of what they actually have done. They insist that we all have some kind of collective amnesia and we don’t recall how they voted or how they have treated many of their constituents. Trump insists that Democrats are responsible for things Republicans did or would like to do. We are the ones inciting violence, we are the ones paying immigrants to walk, 7,000 strong, to the border between Mexico and the US. Democrats are the ones who want to get rid of insurance that covers preexisting conditions and Medicare. Democrats are responsible for the deficit. Democrats are to blame for violent riots in California because of sanctuary cities. Wow, we are really terrible people. Except none of this is true. It is just people using Trumpian double speak to make us crazy.

Which anti-fact do we combat first? Which misdirection will hurt us the worst in the midterms? Will any of this psychobabble change any outcomes in the midterms? How many Americans believe this mumbo-jumbo? Why do I constantly feel like gnats are buzzing around my head? Isn’t it already too late to change anyone’s mind about their vote in the midterms, unless you have a bully pulpit as big as the one Trump has?

I know that there are records about this stuff, news stories, videos, interviews, panel discussions, but it has been made clear that records can be changed, edited, photoshopped, like those photos of Trump’s election crowds. This president uses mind games against his own citizens. Two more years of this sounds endless, six sounds impossible. When we look back on this 4 years or this 8 years, if we survive this Trump administration as the intact American Republic, I think that these years will seem like a big old black hole in space.

So I will reiterate one more time the reasons that we need to vote for Democrats besides the ones where we save our sanity and save Democracy at the same time. I found this meme on Facebook. It is not mine but it sums up policy differences between Democrats and Republicans in a very concise way. I tried to trace it back to where it originated because I suspect it was captured and pasted to Facebook, but I could not find the correct attribution.

fb chart key issues dems v gop

Photo Credits: Odyssey from a Google Image Search, meme shared on FB

Absolutely Stunning New York Times Articles on Climate Change


In these days when Washington is under the almost total control of folks who argue that climate change either doesn’t exist or was not caused by humans, when the EPA is led by a climate denier, and we live in fear that when we go forth and rape the earth this time the repercussions could be imminent and immense, the NYT refuses to give up. The New York Times has been publishing a stunning series of articles on climate change. The information is personal and specific, pinpointing places around the world where people are being displaced or their daily lives are challenged by climate changes that are very real.

What is stunning, besides the stories, is the photos, the videos, the gorgeous graphic display of it all as the NYT prints articles from journalists who travel to places we would never know about, and places that are more familiar, to present us with these stories. I happen to have a desktop computer right now with a big screen and each time I go to one of these articles and the opening video rolls across my screen I am there, right there where this journalist wanted me to go, and I am immediately sucked into this story this newspaper wants me to read.  This is a truly great series of articles.

Even if you don’t believe climate change is real, even if you don’t believe that humans can do anything to slow down any changes there might be, it is clear that these changes are happening and that they are already requiring that people change the ways they live. Some of these are cultures that have always lived on the edges of the habitable world, but some are not. It is clear that accommodations will have to be made for these communities which face the obliteration of their way of life and even their possible demise and that this will impact all of us.

There is no way that I could research climate change on my own but the New York Times and many other news outlets use their funds to track this stuff down and bring it to us. This is why we need to go behind the pay wall whenever we can afford to and support all media, but especially the few remaining titans that have informed us so well for so many years.

So please follow the links and read this great journalism published at some expense and effort by the New York Times.


Part 1

Americans Displaced by Climate Change



Part 2

A Remote Pacific Nation, Threatened by Rising Seas



Part 3

Climate Change Claims a Lake, and an Identity



Part 4

Living in China’s Expanding Deserts




Part 5

Resettling China’s ‘Ecological Migrants’




Part 6

A Wrenching Choice for Alaska Town in the Path of Climate Change



Part 7

Heat, Hunger and War Force Africans Onto a ‘Road on Fire’



Part 8

Polar Bears’ Path to Decline Runs Through Alaskan Village




Newer climate change articles


Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf



Climate Change Mexico City




Don’t get so lost in the images that you neglect to read the text. In the end the words are as compelling as the pictures. The journalists talk to actual families and individuals affected by these things that could just look like extreme weather but which have lasted too long and had effects on living beings that are too far-reaching to be written off as weather events. After all these events come and go quite quickly, although the devastation wrought by weather can be equally devastating in the short term. If you are a climate denier you need to set aside your skepticism and at least open your mind to the stories these people have told to these journalists. As for me, I say “kudos to the New York Times” and please keep up the good work.