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The headlines on any given day reflect the world’s drift towards authoritarianism, economic slowing, the breakdown of humanitarian norms and of democratic norms, at least in terms of the sad evolutionary trend of world governments and our own American government. There is upheaval in the hive.

Last week The New York Times published an eye-opening in-depth piece on the Rupert Murdoch family of media fame. What happens when the business a man wants to corner is the news business? What if this person has an ideological reason to horde newspapers, magazine, TV stations, radio stations, and corners of the internet? What do we do when this guy is able to use his empire to decide who gets to stay in political office and who doesn’t? This Murdoch family with its home base in Australia, also has enormous influence in Great Britain, Canada, and America (through Donald Trump especially). Rupert Murdoch owns Fox. What happens when this billionaire media grabber gets old and frail and has to decide which of his two sons (his daughters were not in the running) to leave his almost monopoly to? He wants to continue to grow his empire even from the grave. This is a royal tale that harkens back to the succession of kings.

So be sure to check out the Rupert Murdoch story from last week. Great stuff!

“ Murdoch embodies these same contradictions. He’s an immigrant stoking nationalism, a billionaire championing populism and a father who never saw any reason to keep his family separate from his business, and in fact had deliberately merged the two.”

“Murdoch used the same playbook in the United States. In 1980, he met Roy Cohn — the former adviser to Senator Joseph McCarthy and a Trump mentor — who introduced him to Gov. Ronald Reagan’s inner circle. It was a group that included Roger Stone Jr., another Trump confidant and the head of Reagan’s New York operations, who said in a later interview that he helped Murdoch weaponize his latest tabloid purchase, The New York Post, on Reagan’s behalf in the 1980 election. Reagan’s team credited Murdoch with delivering him the state that year — Murdoch gave Stone an Election Day printing plate from The Post over a celebratory meal at the 21 Club — and his administration subsequently facilitated Murdoch’s entry into the American television market, quickly approving his application for American citizenship so he could buy TV stations too”

It’s a juicy story!


Here are a few headlines from today’s news outlets (4.9.2-19):

The Daily Beast

Israeli Prez Rebukes BiBi, Signs Controversial Law in Arabic

Evangelicals Side with Trump Over Jesus on Immigration

Prince William’s Lawyer Tries to Suppress Rumors of Affair

Trump Lets Foster Agency Turn Away Catholics and Jews: in their zeal to stop gay people from adopting kids

Bill Barr: I’m Not Giving Congress Unredacted Mueller Report

Pastor Knocked for Critiquing Women: ‘Find a Good Bra’

NYC Declares Public Health Emergency Over Measles Outbreak

Iranian Lawmaker’s Chant ‘Death to America’ in Parliament

‘Italy’s Trump’ Launches Campaign to Destroy Europe

How Stephen Miller Has More Power Than Ever

New DHS Boss Is the Guy Who Led Family Separations

The New York Times

Mnuchin Says White House and Treasury Discussed Trump Tax Return Request

Barr Tells Congress He Will Deliver Mueller Report within A Week

Trump Says the US is ‘Full’: Much of the Nation Disagrees (Map)

The Trump Organization Facing Questions About its Staff, is Quietly Trying to Remove Undocumented Workers in South Florida

Why Does Trump Want to Debase the Fed?

Who is Left to Say No to Trump?

Netanyahu’s Biggest Enabler in Upending US Policy: Trump

Democrats Electorate on Twitter: Not the Same as Wider Party Base

Two People are Arrested After a University of North Carolina Slave Memorial was Defaced with Racial Slurs and Urine

With ‘Unplanned’ Abortion Opponents Turn Toward Hollywood


Why the Jewish State Became An Oppressor

Do Democrats Want a Woman in 2020

Experts Warn About the Dangerous New Superbug Candida

Stephen Miller Takes Command: Trump’s shadow chief of state wields his dark magic

Big Telecom companies are Suppressing Fast Internet

There’s An Economic Price for Rose-Tinted Policies in America and Britain

What Should You Expect From Israel’s elections? More Bibi, More or Less

When the GOP uses the Word “bartender” to mock AOC, It Shows its Ugly Classism

William Barr suggests Trump Administration could lose Court Battle Aiming to Overturn Obamacare

The Washington Post

White House Lawyers Consulted Treasury on Trump’s Tax Returns, Mnuchin Says

Barr Says Release of Mueller Report is Likely within a Week

Amazon in Seattle: Economic Godsend or Self-Centered Behemoth

Trump Removes Secret Service Director as Purge of DHS Leaders Widens

Grassley Warns White House not to Oust Any More Top Immigration Officials

NYC Declares Public Health Emergency amid Measles Outbreak and Orders Mandatory Vaccinations

‘Kick Kavanaugh Off Campus’: Student’s Decry George Mason’s Decision to Hire Supreme Court Justice

‘Every race but white will die’: An Oklahoma Woman Went on a Vandalism Spree to Scare Jewish People, Police Say

In a Broadside Against Airbus, US Pursues Tariffs on a Host of Products from Europe

White House Bid to Dispute Climate Change Finds Few Takers in Federal Government

With the Brexit Clock Ticking Down: May Heads to Paris and Berlin to Plead for More Time

Iran’s Leaders Warn US after it Names ‘Revolutionary Guard’ a Terrorist Group

The Issues 2020 Democrats Are Running On According to their Social Media (Graphic)

Republicans to Trump: Your Immigration Shake-Up Makes No Sense

Erdogan’s Party Calls for New Election in Istanbul After Losing Mayor’s Race

The Daily 202: Trump is Teeing Up Stress Tests for Several Institutions from DHS to DOJ and the IRS

You can use a search engine to find any of these articles whose headlines tempt you to read more. Subscribe to newspapers, save real news.

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Absolutely Stunning New York Times Articles on Climate Change


In these days when Washington is under the almost total control of folks who argue that climate change either doesn’t exist or was not caused by humans, when the EPA is led by a climate denier, and we live in fear that when we go forth and rape the earth this time the repercussions could be imminent and immense, the NYT refuses to give up. The New York Times has been publishing a stunning series of articles on climate change. The information is personal and specific, pinpointing places around the world where people are being displaced or their daily lives are challenged by climate changes that are very real.

What is stunning, besides the stories, is the photos, the videos, the gorgeous graphic display of it all as the NYT prints articles from journalists who travel to places we would never know about, and places that are more familiar, to present us with these stories. I happen to have a desktop computer right now with a big screen and each time I go to one of these articles and the opening video rolls across my screen I am there, right there where this journalist wanted me to go, and I am immediately sucked into this story this newspaper wants me to read.  This is a truly great series of articles.

Even if you don’t believe climate change is real, even if you don’t believe that humans can do anything to slow down any changes there might be, it is clear that these changes are happening and that they are already requiring that people change the ways they live. Some of these are cultures that have always lived on the edges of the habitable world, but some are not. It is clear that accommodations will have to be made for these communities which face the obliteration of their way of life and even their possible demise and that this will impact all of us.

There is no way that I could research climate change on my own but the New York Times and many other news outlets use their funds to track this stuff down and bring it to us. This is why we need to go behind the pay wall whenever we can afford to and support all media, but especially the few remaining titans that have informed us so well for so many years.

So please follow the links and read this great journalism published at some expense and effort by the New York Times.


Part 1

Americans Displaced by Climate Change

Part 2

A Remote Pacific Nation, Threatened by Rising Seas

Part 3

Climate Change Claims a Lake, and an Identity

Part 4

Living in China’s Expanding Deserts


Part 5

Resettling China’s ‘Ecological Migrants’


Part 6

A Wrenching Choice for Alaska Town in the Path of Climate Change

Part 7

Heat, Hunger and War Force Africans Onto a ‘Road on Fire’

Part 8

Polar Bears’ Path to Decline Runs Through Alaskan Village


Newer climate change articles


Crack in Antarctic Ice Shelf

Climate Change Mexico City


Don’t get so lost in the images that you neglect to read the text. In the end the words are as compelling as the pictures. The journalists talk to actual families and individuals affected by these things that could just look like extreme weather but which have lasted too long and had effects on living beings that are too far-reaching to be written off as weather events. After all these events come and go quite quickly, although the devastation wrought by weather can be equally devastating in the short term. If you are a climate denier you need to set aside your skepticism and at least open your mind to the stories these people have told to these journalists. As for me, I say “kudos to the New York Times” and please keep up the good work.